The Danger of Anabolic Steroids

Are steroids really worth the risk?

Syringe with steroid solutionSteroids are substances that have been used by all kinds of athletes, in fact back in the 70’s steroids were legal and many famous bodybuilders took advantage of the growth potential they offered.

Anabolic steroids, were first developed in the 1930’s, later on modern medicine, would begin to use them to treat various ailments including cancer and AIDS. In the sporting world, steroids can increase strength and increase muscle mass, especially if accompanied by intense strength training and proper diet.

While steroids are great for increasing the body’s strength and muscle gaining potential, if used for a prolonged period of time they can have severe side effects, some of the side effects can be subtle, such as increasing cholesterol levels and elevating blood pressure, in more severe cases they can cause permanent liver and kidney damage. In spite of the side effects, many athletes still use them for the sake of being able to maintain a competitive edge, helping them keep up with the competition especially in the world of bodybuilding.

One less talked about side effect of long term steroid use is that many athletes who have consumed steroids for long periods suffer from other issues, once steroid use is discontinued, many long term users are forced to start some kind of hormone replacement therapy, the reason for this is because their body has not needed to produce hormones on its own for a long time, this tells the body that it no longer needs to produce testosterone or other important hormones because it was being substituted by a synthetic means.

Photo of lean man showing off torso and abs

Some people think that steroids are the only thing a great athlete needs but genetics and physical ability do play an important role, what steroids do is enhance someone’s already gifted ability and genetics.

So what are the most popular steroids?


Since the beginning of time one of the most popular steroids of all time has been testosterone “sustanon“, it can be considered the granddaddy of all steroids and it is the base ingredient used to make other popular steroids, it has been used in the past and is still very popular today. In fact over the last few years TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) has been used to help men improve energy and sexual stamina and has been found to be very beneficial for older men who don’t produce adequate amounts of testosterone on their own due to the normal aging process.


D-Bol “Dianabol” is also another very popular steroid and can deliver amazing gains in muscle mass and strength, it is relatively inexpensive costing around $70.00 and $100.00 for one cycle, however it does have side effects because it can lower natural testosterone production it will shrink the testicles and enlarge the prostate and in some users has caused symptoms of aggression or anger ”roid rage”


Nandrolone also known as “Deca Durabolin” is usually injected and has some great androgenic effects, one of the reasons it is so popular is because it is slow releasing making the effects longer lasting, however this can have some adverse side effects that can damage the liver, kidneys and increase blood pressure, the other downside to Nandrolone is that it causes bloating because of excess water retention.


Winstrol “Stanozolol” is very popular in the bodybuilding world and it is well known for its ability to increase lean and defined muscle mass giving the body a more striated and cut look, plus it can help increase energy and stamina, the downside to Winstrol is that many users complain about joint pain, this is because Winstrol reduces progesterone levels in the body which reduces liquid in the joints, joint pain is very prominent when using Winstrol especially after extended use, other side effects include gynecomastia in men and decreased libido in both men and women.

Illustration of possible steroid side effects

Are steroids all bad

From a realistic perspective steroids should only be used by professionals and even so use among athletes if often questionable, many of the harsh side effects come from the inexperienced who believe that steroids are all they need to improve their physique, but it takes more than that, it takes time, hard training and dedication along with a good diet.

A natural steroid alternative

For those are serious about improving the overall look of their physique, there are natural steroid alternatives that can have similar effects on increasing muscle mass (Bulking Up) without harsh side effects. Legal steroids can offer increased strength, improved energy and can be cycled just like anabolic steroids, the big difference is that you do not have to worry about damaging your body or internal organs.

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