was a name that came to mind one day after receiving some free samples of a new to me supplement called a legal steroid, after using several different products it inspired me to continue to do more reviews on other bodybuilding supplements.

My first impression of what a legal steroid was supposed to be was too good to be true, however after using a variety of different products I found myself impressed with the benefits these products offered.

This web site has faced several challenges including getting me banned from certain social networks because of the name “legal steroids”, the term or name legal steroid obviously leads some people to think that it's something harmful when it fact it is a perfectly safe alternative to anabolic steroids. Facebook canceled my original page called steroidreviewer for the name alone which is why I had to change my official facebook page to go figure!.

Every supplement listed on has been tried and used by either myself or a family member including my 20-year-old son. My wife has had the privilege of trying out many of the weight loss/fat burner supplements you will find reviewed here.

Supplements are not for everyone

One of the biggest challenges I believe most people face when considering a supplement is the doubt of them working, supplements can have a big impact on improving every aspect of your workouts, many think that taking a supplement is all they need to transform their physique, unfortunately it takes more than that, it takes proper diet and intense training, most dietary supplements are a tool to help you improve strength and provide you with more endurance and energy which ultimately translates into a stronger and more muscular body.

My personal take on dietary supplements

I began using dietary supplements back in the early 80's,  in fact, many of the products I took contained DHEA which helped me pack on a good amount of muscle and while many thought supplements had very few benefits, after using them for an extended period of time and my ever changing physique and strength gains made a believer of many of my friends who later began to use them as well.

If you are truly dedicated to training,  legal steroids and dietary supplements can, in fact, have some great benefits providing you with a leaner, stronger and more muscular physique.

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